Compass Consulting. Confidence in Decisions.

Knowing the reliability of products, equipment and processes is the most effective way to achieve business goals and obtain operational efficiency, but many organizations don’t have the time or staff prepared to perform reliability activities, to do so, Compass offers different consulting formats according to your needs.

Compass Consulting allows you to:

Develop a reliability program in your company

Every company can have access to the benefits of a reliability program and Compass can customize it according to their needs.

Have better control over your operation and maintenance costs through an asset management of excellence

Compass will optimize its operating and maintenance costs by adapting the maintenance plans, adjusting spare part inventories and the simulation of improvement scenarios, ensuring the reliability, availability and productivity of your assets to achieve operational efficiency.

Have control of your products’ life cycle

Compass will help you determine the reliability of your product with the application of the design reliability system (Design for Reliability – DFR), addressing the methodologies and tools that should be used in all phases of new product development, from its conceptualization to the use of the product by the client.

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